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Straight Line Exhaust Box

Straight Line Exhaust Box

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PS-STRAIGHT LINE EXHAUST BOX: Capable of passing 2 A2! /2 cans at a time. Bottom and cover of aluminum. Speed of exhaust box is adjustable in three-desired speed. Suitable for exhausting air out of filled can before sealing. Made of aluminum cover top/bottom of 16 swag. The can is conveyed by means of M.S slat chin conveyor. The exhaust comes with 3 variable speed options depending upon product to be exhausted.

ey Features of Straight Line Exhaust Box

Made from aluminium cover top or bottom of 16 swags.
Available in 12 and 18 feet length.
Designed with a straight line that conveys the can by means of mild steel slat chin conveyor.
Capable of passing 2 cans at a time.