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Straight Line Exhaust Box

Straight Line Exhaust Box

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PS-STRAIGHT LINE EXHAUST BOX: Capable of passing 2 A2! /2 cans at a time. Bottom and cover of aluminum. Speed of exhaust box is adjustable in three-desired speed. Suitable for exhausting air out of filled can before sealing. Made of aluminum cover top/bottom of 16 swag. The can is conveyed by means of M.S slat chin conveyor. The exhaust comes with 3 variable speed options depending upon product to be exhausted.

ey Features of Straight Line Exhaust Box
•  Made from aluminium cover top or bottom of 16 swags.
•  Available in 12 and 18 feet length.
•  Designed with a straight line that conveys the can by means of mild steel slat chin conveyor.
•  Capable of passing 2 cans at a time.